LE TRADER IVOIRIEN – former des créateurs de richesse

Do you want to start a profitable business?

Start earning income regularly through Trading. .

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Abidjan Trading Tour

On the letraderivoirien.com platform, trading and stock market professionals train people in the trading business who are keen to start a very profitable and sustainable business.

Ready to start making profit?

Follow the 04 steps below…


If you have no notion of trading, read this free guide to find out more and how to get started. (if you know, skip this step)


If you have not already done so, make sure to master the basics of trading before going to the next level (this is mandatory).


Become a professional trader thanks to the complete trading training and coaching sessions provided by the Ivorian trader himself.


During these long years of apprenticeship, the Ivorian trader to develop high-risk techniques that they teach to very experienced traders.

Need more information, contact us: +225 65 42 70 47 

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