If you’re like most of my readers, you understand how trading can help you reach your life goals.

Anyway, I will direct you to the most valuable sections of this site.

Whether you are a beginner arriving here for the first time and not knowing where to start or a seasoned veteran needing to know some advanced techniques to perfect yourself, all you need is here.

So choose an item below that indicates the level where you are right now and move forward with the Ivorian Trader:

You want to start trading but you do not know where to start? 

Already a trader but struggling to make consistent profits?

Need to improve your practice with advanced trading techniques? 

Do you want to avoid the most common trading mistakes?

Looking for tools and tips to make you a better trader?

You want to make money through trading?

Each resource on this site has been created with you in mind. Every episode, article, product and tool has been designed to help people like you achieve sustainable success.

About me, I started trading in 2010 as an autodidact. I struggled to understand the nuts and bolts of the trading business and be able to rise to the level of world-class traders. Today, I regularly contribute to share my knowledge with people who ask me.


In collaboration with my team of letraderivoirien.com, I help the most ambitious to win victories every day. They can ensure the well-being of their family, obtain financial freedom and launch successful projects..

I have a degree in geography at Ivory Coast’s FHB university, but my biggest pride is my little family that gives me the strength to surpass myself every day.

Thanks to the training provided (distance or face-to-face) within the Trading Academy and our trading advice blog, we are promoting a new type of investment. Every day, we see traders carve out a piece of the cake. We hope you will join us.


E-mail: letraderivoirien@gmail.com

Contact: +225 65 42 70 47/ 57 80 19 88

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